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DEPCO in-depth interpretation: how does DEP stands out in the DeFi market.

Since the DeFi sector was born in 2019, it has grown significantly, but almost died many times with violent shocks. Especially under the influence of the global Coronavirus which started in March this year, the global market was paralyzed. Due to the sharp decline in price of ETH, the locked value in the DeFi market plummeted from more than 1 billion US dollars to 500 million US dollars, causing a lot of doubts and pessimism.
Growth of DeFi market value rockets
However, in just three months, the pledged assets of DeFi ecology not only returned to US $1 billion, but also rapidly climbed to US $1.77 billion as the number of BTC locked in has reached new highs.
And with borrow & lend mining initiated by Compound (the largest loan platform of DeFi), the arrival of the DeFi bull market is even more ignited. In just over a month, the total market value of the tokens of the DeFi market value has soared to six times from the beginning of $1 billion, reaching $6,2 billions! This shows that the economical value of DeFi is expanding rapidly and investors are looking for ways beyond the control of banks and traditional financial institutions to obtain loans and earn interest.
At the same time, the number of investors pouring into the DeFi ecosystem is also growing rapidly. According to Anthony Sassano, co-founder of Ethhub, Ethereum created its 100 million unique addresses, with an increasing number of active users every day and nearly 1000 users participating in 19 of the most popular DeFi protocols.

DeFi will be the third wave of blockchain, full of opportunities
If we sum up the past blockchain into three waves, 2009-2014 is digital currency, 2014-2019 is digital asset ICO, 2020-future is DeFi, in fact, Bitcoin is indispensable in all three stages. Bitcoin has three functions of payment, raising and cross chain mortgage in three stages. Ethereum has built the infrastructure for DeFi. With a large amount of Bitcoin money flowing into the fields of borrows and lending, DEX, stablecoin and so on, the market of DeFi can finally really take off.
The data of the pledged assets of DeFi can best reflect the hot foundation of the market. From the low peak of 500 million US dollars in March, it has reached 1.5 billion US dollars, and its growth momentum is just beginning. From the perspective of various kinds of businesses, the DeFi market, including decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, atomic exchange agreements, insurance products, lending platforms, trade finance platforms, custody platforms, venture capital platforms, almost covers the main fields of traditional finance, and each field has an extraordinary growth potential.
With the development of the largest lending platform like Compound, which initiated the mining of borrow and lend, the whole DeFi market was ignited and the conditions for the large-scale intervention of Bitcoin funds were provided. With the blowout growth of liquidity, the third wave of predictable blockchain will also come. In this trend of evolution from CeFi (centralized finance) to DeFi (decentralized finance), there are various gold opportunities.
DEPCO leads you into the future of open finance
At present, the market value of DeFi is only 6 billion US dollars. But as the third wave of blockchain has just started, DeFi has yet a lot to show. Just like the explosion of digital assets in 2017, the current DeFi market is still in a state of early time, with high volatility of all kinds of original assets, but it also brings opportunities to various teams engaged in arbitrage and liquidity business. At present, due to its early stage, the technical threshold of DeFi arbitrage is relatively high, but there are many teams in the market who are actively studying and practicing it. However, there is still a lack of systematic team involvement, as most people still lack tools and relevant knowledge. More simple and easy-to-use tools and portals are particularly important for the development of the DeFi market.
DEPCO (Decentralized Probability Consortium) is also in line with this trend. It is founded by a group of crypto geek builders and enthusiasts, financiers and mathematicians who yearn for financial freedom. They believe that open finance is the real future. They are committed to using innovative technologies such as blockchain to create an equal, free and altruistic open financial system without borders.
The financial infrastructure of the DeFi market is immature, from mortgage assets to loan assets, and then from loan assets to cryptocurrency assets, the flow of these assets is constantly creating arbitrage opportunities.
With the increasing scale of the market, especially the gradual entrance of Bitcoin, the market has become a weathervane of future finance, with a clear trend. Only those who find these trends and practice them in the early stage can get more benefits than expected. This is similar to the wave of Bitcoin investors getting rich in the early days. Only in the new landmark can there be new opportunities. As the saying goes - there is no fish in the stagnant water. Where most people still don’t understand the market due to its early stage, the DEPCO project has gone deep into the sector to dig for its treasures. This is totally different from the competition of most projects in the stock market. Opportunities are always there, but the people who get the dividends are always the early ones.
The DEPCO team has garnered long-term experience in the differences between stablecoins and exchange rate, borrowing and lending rate spreads, and difference in market liquidity. After an in-depth study of the DeFi market, it has developed an alpha intelligent robot. Currently, it provides its paying members with innovative financial arbitrage products – an automatic arbitrage system for interest rate spread across the DeFi platforms: Explorer and liquidation robot arbitrage system of DeFi: Keeper.
The Explorer System automatically captures the borrowing and lending rate spreads among USDC, DAI, SAI, ETH and other currencies in the DeFi platforms such as Compound, Fulcrum, Nuo, Aave and dYdX and continuously carries out multiple interest rate spread arbitrages among different platforms by using interest rate spread strategy and mathematical prediction model.
The Keeper System is a liquidation robot arbitrage system in the DeFi borrowing and lending markets. Liquidators maintain the solvency in the DeFi borrowing and lending markets and the normal execution of the DeFi borrowing and lending agreements. After the market price fluctuates, they will auction the high-quality assets at low and discount prices to get the profits. The DeFi market is at the early stage with strong market volatility. Liquidation robot acts as a market maker in the market, getting through the price information channels on and off the chain and making the DeFi application smoother. According to statistics, $500 million was carved up as a profit only within half a year in the field of DeFi liquidation. As Bitcoin is introduced into DeFi, the arbitrage space will further expand. The existing Bitcoin DeFi products provide 20%-50% arbitrage space for borrowers, lenders and acceptance dealers.

DEPCO is basing on the trend of the age of DeFi, exploring the potential of DeFi arbitrage through the Explorer system and the Keeper system, and at the same time is slowly becoming a platform for AMM (Automatic Market Maker). Liquidity is critical to the growth of DeFi. Many Dapps require a reliable pool of liquidity to function. With the development of the largest borrow & lending platform like Compound, which initiated borrow& lend mining, the whole DeFi market was ignited and the conditions for the large-scale intervention of Bitcoin funds were provided. With the blowout growth of liquidity, the third wave of predictable blockchain will also come, and we also see the possibility of liquidity arbitrage mining. In this trend of evolution from CeFi (centralized finance) to DeFi (decentralized finance), there are various gold opportunities for everyone.

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