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KryptoRedeem: The Interoperable Token To Reward Loyalty

KryptoRedeem is a blockchain-based token, which has the universal purpose of being an interoperable reward currency that can be used for almost anything, from a flight to a cup of coffee, to being redeemed for cash, and that never expires. The asset is estimated in values ​​that other rewards programs cannot offer.
The cryptocurrency allows a free exchange of permits, low cost, fast, peer-to-peer, which can be used in any direct loyalty program.
While it can always be seen immediately by people, KryptoRedeem also offers other non-inflationary, decentralized and interoperable loyalty options.
The cryptoactive is designed to be used by all loyalty programs , to help organize the obligations of the company’s users and increase usability to improve their ability to attract customers.


The KryptoRedeem Loyalty team helps attract many partners (companies and individuals) to the ecosystem and the limited retail sale of your token will allow the company’s customers to obtain these benefits.
In addition, the firm helps its clients in generating traffic for their business, increasing visits and average spending.
KryptoRedeem allows a free, low-cost, fast, peer-to-peer, free exchange that can be used in any direct loyalty program

With KryptoRedeem, you can manage promotions and campaigns and customize them . Consumers will have full control of their operations through a digital wallet. Having transparency in operations, based on Blockchain technology.

Loyalty rewards : 

Loyalty points are useful tools to attract and manage customers and improve the company’s reputation . Enrollment in many of these programs in the US grew by 20% to 3.32 billion in 2015. That is, 2.65 billion in just three years.
But, despite the large amount of use, and the attempt to offer greater value to users and consultants, significant problems limit their possibilities.

Therefore, KryptoRedeem solved any of the common problems that arise with this kind of programs, building a blockchain-based platform that can be applied in various loyalty and membership programs. 
Loyalty points are useful tools to attract and manage customers and improve the company’s reputation

Business model

The executives of the KryptoRedeem alliance make strategic agreements with large and medium-sized companies, these companies can be retailers, service providers (SMEs), among others, once these companies are interested in issuing and accepting the KryptoRedeem (KRT) tokens. They register on the platform.
Once the company is registered on the platform, you can add branches and buy KRT tokens for US $ 0.01; and once you have bought the tokens, you can distribute it to the created branches and share it with the end customer every time you make a purchase at the establishment. In addition, companies through this administration platform publish discounts and promotions available to users.
The token purchased by the companies can be exchanged by its customers at a rate of US $ 0.4cents.
Whenever a KryptoRedeem user makes a purchase at an affiliated establishment, he receives a certain amount of tokens defined by each establishment, this wallet when working on blockchain (Waves) allows transfers between users.


KryptoRedeem will launch a pre-sale of the initial cryptocurrency (ICO) offer of its KRT token, next August 26 until September 1 , with a 30% bonus.
The initial offer will begin on September 2, until October 2, with a 5% bonus during your first week.
The ICO will attempt to raise a minimum of $ 500,000 and a maximum of $ 2,500,000. Those interested can make a minimum investment of $ 150 , at US $ 0.56 per token, paying in Ethereum or Bitcoin.
Residents of the United States, China and North Korea may not participate in the initial offer.
Do you want more information? Visit to KryptoRedeem

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