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DeepTradeBot: what is AI trading in XXI century?

Automatic trading robots grow to be more and more popular these days. Today we want to review one of the popular solutions of a kind - DeepTradeBot, a unique mix of Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence & cloud computing. The most of the crypto-trading websites sometimes offer traders lots of tools together with a complex user interface, and there are 2 difficulties: it is too hard for the newbie to begin trading properly, but for experienced traders it may take too much time to spend on the platform anyway. These facts are exactly why automatic trading systems enjoy significant attention in the today's market.

DeepTradeBot gives traders an opportunity to use AI features that make crypto-trading more efficient while one can afford to spend less time for trading. The entire solution has been built to be easy to use. Let’s see how it is functioning.

DeepTradeBotAI robots have multiple trade modes

The trading robots functionality is based on strong machine learning neural networks increased by the power of cloud computing employing BigData technological innovations.

The solution works with Bittrex, Exmo, Kraken, Binance, Bitfinex and Huobi cryptocurrency exchanges, and gives an opportunity to rent one of 4 trading robots available:


Each trading mode is activated at the perfect time, and this allows them to keep on the top whatever the current market situation is.

The main methods used by bots are explained at the platform:

- High frequency trading

Analyses price sensitivity (that may not be noticed by eyesight) on various exchanges by their order books.

Once it's done, the bot analyzes every alteration in the order book and evaluates the possibility of price movements down or up.

- Arbitrage trading

The simplest mode, always accessible, but making a profit of just five to fifteen percent.
It constantly provides supplementary protection in case if other strategies yield less than average;

- Algorithmic trading based on technical indicators;

- Fundamental analysis based trading - taking into consideration the so called media “stuffing” in social media sites like Facebook and twitter, etc.

Thus using its artificial intelligence features DeepTradeBot helps to make the most of the routine tasks for a trader: it analyses an incredible number of materials from trading websites, regulators, founders such as judgments or statements, that produce a positive or negative news backdrop.

These declarations consequently have a straight affect on the price ranges and trading volumes. The DeepTradeBot automatic news keywords parsers allow to evaluate the potential news impulse from a specific source.

Top 3 main advantages of DeepTradeBot

High Winrate :

Usually it will take a minimum of 1 sec. to send out a signal via the API (what the other robots usually do). During this time, the Winrate is reduced by 40%. The key to having an increased Winrate rating for deepTradeBot - is to receive trading indicators straight from the exchange server.

Increased interface :

The one thing you need would be to refill the balance, rent a bot, and enjoy savings on commission rates, obtain a increased money turn over, a greater Winrate, and accordingly - good earnings.

Low commissions :

A huge trading volume on exchanges starts up the chance to reach reduced trading commission fees: the greater the trading volume is, the less the commission on top rated trading platforms, including Binance.

Thus, due to margin trading and lending on a larger volume, the bots generate profits even in cases where there’s insignificant volatility and insignificant arbitrage opportunities in the market.

DeepTradeBotPricing and Options

DeepTradeBot has 4 bots to choose from, including a free of charge one, which allows new clients to test the system at zero price.

The platform provides the following bots to rent:

     MiniBot 5 NFS/Free Bot
     StandartBot 10 NFS/$10 USD
     ProBot 15 NFS/$25 USD
     NetPremium 40 NFS/$45 USD

Every bot has its own rental terms, minimal and maximal day-to-day revenue range, trading pairs and so forth. The crypto-currencies available to use for now are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

AI Trading Benefits

A bot has no emotions:

It’s not a secret that the world is on the verge of worldwide robotization. Self driving automobiles, talk bots, smart houses are the today's actuality. And if now robots execute rather low-qualified operations, the next day they may take over functions demanding sophisticated logical activity. With all the AI trading we’re at the beginning of this epoch.
One of the most challenging activities in trading is to avoid being emotional, and being flexible enough. And it is really a suitable job for an AI robot. Instead of being emotional and performing mistakes, trading robots will always enter the market in the correct time.

A bot doesn’t get tired :

It's impossible for a trader to work day-by-day without being fatigued.
It’s pretty difficult to keep up with the speed the crypto world develops with, every day of the week. Trade robots are functioning automatically, and never need a break.
It looks very smart to get a full-time automatic AI-based assistant that will control your trading activity during the whole day. The fact is a single successful trade can completely cover the cost of the bot rental and save your time and funds.

A bot is always same accurate : 

You have probably seen that as soon as the Bitcoin cost rises, the price tag on a definite altcoin may immediately fall, as there is a sort of regularity. This is the easiest example, when the connection is visible by the human eye. Artificial Intelligence is also able to find and predict the more complicated and multi-level connections which are absolutely unnoticeable "by eye". But the most important thing about the robots is: the more info it analyzes, the smarter it becomes.

Self-learning is the main feature of DeepTradeBot.

Is AI Trading for You?

Should you be looking for a way to automate crypto trading, DeepTradeBot is worth to test.
The cost-free MiniBot 5 NFS solution gives you a great opportunity to try it out without having extra charges.

The cryptotrading tools and activities are increasing day-to-day. DeepTradeBot will help you get into this promising industry with bare minimum expenses. The DeepTradeBot tactics will really help you to generate earnings regardless of what way the market is trending now.

However the most significant fact is DeepTradeBot's functioning 24/7 and provides you maximum of free time throughout the day!

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